Lisa Taher

About the Psychologist


I believe if we are going to go on a journey together, then you should know a bit about me. I am bilingual. I speak English and Arabic. I had held so many jobs prior to becoming a registered psychologist. I was a Teacher, Translator, Interpreter, Secretary, Office Manager, Swimming Instructor and Flight Attendant. I had lived abroad in the Middle East, Europe and Australasia beside small periods of time here and there around the world. 

My life experiences and everything I have been through have prepared me to be the Psychologist I am now. Living in various countries and getting exposed to many cultures have made me appreciate the differences we all have. I have acquired the ability to be non-judgmental, respectful and appreciative to every woman's perspective of her own culture and outlook on life.. 

My Passion

I have always been passionate about Psychology, since I was a little girl. People's feelings, thoughts and motivations have always fascinated me. I wanted to be a Psychologist, to know how to help people, but I did not get the grades for it in high school. So, I studied the second thing I loved;  "Writing". I got a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and English Literature. I took courses in Journalism and Creative Writing. Then my kids went to school and the old dream of being a Psychologist was resurrected. 


I joined the University of Western Sydney (UWS) and got a Graduate Diploma in Psychological Studies, then a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology. I loved my studies so much that I became a Member of the Golden Key International Honors Society (as one of the highest 15% achievers in the UWS). I had my Psychologist Registration Program in a clinic in Epping. During that time, I decided to study the new arising type of Psychology in America "Process Work Psychology" and finished the Psychology course; Professional Training in Process Psychology and Psychotherapy. During those 2 years, I got a lot of experience working with Australians of different backgrounds and ages; Indigenous Australians, Arabs, Europeans and Asians. This time, I got the international experience without having to travel all over the world for it.   

 When I finished my program and got Registered as a Psychologist, I had my own special vision and my own approach to my work (My Mission), so I decided to open up "Through It Together Women Center". I decided on this name because this is exactly how I see my work with you. I see us going through a journey together, to a better place for both of us.