Lisa Taher

My Mission

There are things in our lives which we can change and things we can not. We can not change what happen  to us, but  we can  change what  we  do about it. By being  aware of  what is inside us, by knowing how to deal with what is happening to us, by  changing  our  attitude, we will be able to change our thoughts, feelings and behavior​. We will be able to deal with anything we have to face; no matter how painful or hard it is. We will be able to use what is painful for the benefit of our growth and empowerment. 

My mission is to go through a healing, self-discovery, adjustment, and empowering journey with you. During this life-changing journey, you  will get to know yourself more, realize your  special potentials and abilities. You will learn a few new skills that will  help you, not only deal with what you are facing now, but also with whatever you will face in the future. 

We will deal with your issues not only with  the guidance of the latest psychological theories, but with the warmth, understanding and lifetime experience of a woman who knows that every woman is special and strong in her own way.  Who knows that sometimes all we need is a warm hand and a candle to help us stand on our feet again, see through the darkness and move on taller, stronger and on our own 

 My â€‹mission mainly is to create a safe zone for you to be what you want to be, when you want it to be. A safe zone for you to grow and go as far as you dream to go. My mission  is to create a place and a time for you to say or do what you want or need to do; or not do what you don't want or don't need to do. My mission is to go with you through whatever you are going through, till you can stand on your own. You might be going through a diagnosed health issue, a life problem or just need someone to talk to. Whatever it is, you don't have to go through it alone any more, when we are together.   

" Simply, My Mission is to go through it together with you"