Lisa Taher

My Approach


Psychological Theories Used:


  •      Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  •      Narrative Therapy     
  •      Interpersonal Therapy
  •      Goal-Oriented Therapy
  •      Motivational Therapy
  • ​     Client-Centered Therapy
  •      Process Work Psychotherapy
  •      Social Skills Training
  •      Relaxation Strategies



Treatment is offered for:


  •   Trauma
  •      Depression                                                                               
  •      Sleeping Problems                                                                         
  •      Personality Disorders     
  •     Eating and Dieting Issues                                                                
  • ​     Adjustment or Stress Problems                                                             
  •      Anxiety (This includes Test Anxiety for university students)                   
  •      Somatoform Disorders (physical sickness because of psychological reasons)
  •      Any other diagnostic problem you need help with  


We also offer help for:


  • EmotionalProblems                                                                                                                                           
  •  Relationship Problems (marital problems, dysfunctional relationships, conflict resolution ......etc.)
  •       Support during personal crisis periods ( e.g. divorce, loss  &  grief,  financial  problems, abortion, natural disasters....etc.) 
  •       Personal Issues (sometimes we just need to talk it out with someone who cares and understands)
  •       Change in life direction or career​​